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Sun Yuen Rubber Manufacturing Co. Sdn. Bhd. is primarily involved in the manufacturing of tyre inner tubes, tyre rim flaps and tyre retreading materials for the local and international markets.


It is one of the leading tyre inner tubes manufactures in Malaysia and the South East Asia region specializing in the manufacturing of high quality industrial tyre inner tubes ranging from wheelbarrows, forklifts, implements to tractors and earthmovers.


Besides industrial tyre inner tubes, the company also produces a complete range of high quality commercial tyre inner tubes ranging from motorcycles, motorcars to light trucks and heavy trucks. The company is an original equipment manufacturer (o.e.m.) for some of the major tyre manufacturers in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Europe. Apart from tyre inner tubes, it also produces heavy duty tyre rim flaps ranging from motorcycles, forklifts, light-trucks, heavy trucks to tractors and earthmovers.


Other products in its product range include curing tubes used in the tyre retreading / recapping industries. Sun Yuen Rubber is the only company that produces curing tubes in Malaysia which they have been supplying the retreading industries for over 40 years.


The success of the company over the past 50 years is mainly due to its commitment to an ongoing pro-active "Continuous Development" program to ensure a high level of service to its customers through ethical business association and to poduce goods of the highest standard through the "Total Quality Control" concept.


New products are constantly being researched and developed in-house and also with technical assistance from the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM), Kuala Lumpur and the Tun Abdul Razak Laboratory ( A Unit of the Malaysian Rubber Research and Development Board), United Kingdom.


In addition to product for the tyre industries, moulded products tailor made according to customer's specification are also produced for the local and international markets.